Booking Calendar

The two lawns are available for two sessions (morning and afternoon) each day except Wednesday (lawn maintenance) and Saturday morning (lessons for recent starters). Because of COVID-19 restrictions, only two players are allowed on a lawn at any one time. Either of you may making a booking for a session using the calendar below. To ensure all members get a game, please do not have more than one booking active at any one time and wait till you have used your booking before you make a new booking.

Instructions on how to use the calendar to make a booking are below the calendar.

You must abide by the COVID-19 distancing rules at all times and follow the listed procedures at the start and end of you session to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. You may not come to the lawns if you have COVID-19 symptoms. You should have vacated the lawns before the end of your session well before the next players arrive.


First select which lawn you want (Lawn 1 or Lawn 2) just below the top of the calendar.
Then click on the date you want and the available sessions will be displayed. Click on the session you want and you will be asked your name and email address. Once you have filled in the fields marked with an asterisk, the Book button at the bottom will light up. Click on the Book button and the session is booked.

You may receive an email confirming the booking, but, if not, your booking has still be made and will be shown in the calendar. We are using the free version of this booking calendar and the number of emails sent out each month is limited; so once the limit has been reached, no more emails will be sent until the next month.

If you later find you cannot play, please cancel your booking and make the session available for someone else, by contacting Stuart on 54942990 or