A few people got together in the late 1980’s and started to play croquet on the lawn at the house of one of them on Mountain View Road. In 1991 they formed the Croquet Club with Ted Singleton as the president. A piece of ground became available for their use at the Maleny Showgrounds and in December 1992 the area was prepared and ready for the turf. The work was all done by the members and teachers from the Maleny School where Ted Singleton was working. Fortunately they were mostly quite young and able bodied.

Newspaper article describing opening of the Range Croquet Club
Newspaper article describing club opening

A few years later the ground adjacent to the first lawn became available and some of the the same people, with the assistance of the Apex Club, worked to make a second lawn which was opened on the 15th May 1997. In that year Vince Carbery became the president and still holds that position.

A view of the two lawns ten years after they were established

Since then, many games have been played on the lawns. The club members have entered and been successful in Sunshine Coast pennant competitions, Queensland wide completions and the club has organised and hosted numerous tournaments. In 2005, the club, in association with other Sunshine Coast clubs, hosted the Australian championship.

Action on the lawns at the Australian Championships, 2005 (Bob Beattie from Tasmania)