Association Croquet

Association Croquet is a tactical game, usually between two players, consisting of running six hoops in order with two balls, clockwise first and then anti-clockwise, and finally hitting the central peg.

It is played in a lawn measuring 35yards by 28 yards. The running of a hoop and hitting of the peg scores one point. The maximum score is, therefore, 26 points. Six hoops twice by two balls plus the pegging out.

Running a hoop and hitting another ball (roquet) entitles the player to play extra shots. One of them is the croquet shot, unique to this game, when the striker ball is hit when touching another ball. Like chess, by a simple set-up and by this entitlement of extra shots a complex tactical game develops, which is the main attraction of the game.

The ball weighs 1 lb and the hoops just allow the ball to run through them. The balls are hit with a mallet, that weighs usually about 3 lb.

Croquet is a fascinating game of tactics especially appealing to people interested in intellectual challenges. It can be played at any age. Most croquet players regret not having taken up the game at an early stage of their lives.